Straumann® Dental Implants

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Dental Implants have become the most exciting area in the profession. The people of Dunfermline, Fife, are embracing this 40 year established treatment.

Dental Implants have repeatedly fulfilled the dream of patients who have lost vital teeth.

That dream is to replace them with something fixed in place, and sits independently of their natural teeth.

Implants present a solution which is comfortable, safe and maintains the health of the rest of the teeth and gums by reducing the loads upon them. We get to see the real difference they are making for people – restoring their confidence and their ability to eat comfortably and more effectively.

Straumann® Implant Technology

At Park Avenue Dental Practice, we are dedicated to the use of Straumann® Implant technology. This comprehensive implant system has such an overwhelming evidence-base, it makes complete sense to provide it to patients who have entrusted us with their well-being.


A Member of the International Team for Implantology

Dr Michael Alatsaris is a committed member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI). The ITI unites professionals around the world from every field of implant dentistry. As an independent academic association, it actively promotes networking and exchange among its membership.

ITI Fellows and Members, who currently number more than 15,000 globally, regularly share their knowledge and expertise from research and clinical practice at meetings, courses and congresses with the objective of continuously improving treatment methods and outcomes to the benefit of their patients.